You want to have an outside wedding at a beautiful Charlottesville wedding venue as well as function, to use the fresh charm of mother nature as a background for your event, as opposed to some stuffy banquet space …

Maybe you would like to have more of a “pure” feel for your wedding event, or possibly you would like to benefit from some magnificent neighborhood scenery. Or perhaps you merely believe it will be great fun to have an exterior wedding celebration in your parent’s backyard!

weddingWhatever the case, there are a couple of factors to consider you should think about …

The weather condition!

Certainly, the weather condition is a “biggie” for an exterior wedding event. If you live in an area that experiences stormy weather condition, you will have to have a backup option. This suggests either leasing tents or having an interior choice that you could move to in the nick of time.

The temperature level

If your outside wedding event does entail commemorating right into the evening, you will should think about just how cold the evening air will certainly be for your visitors. If you’re worried about the temperature at your outside wedding event, see to it to mention to guests to bring a cover or jacket. You can likewise rent out warmth lights or even fire pits, relying on the style of your wedding event.

On the other hand, if your exterior wedding event will happen throughout a precisely warm and comfortable season, you could would like to take into consideration means of keeping your visitors cool down. See to it there is some shade offered by guests on a scorching day – whether it’s from trees, camping tents or umbrellas!

The ground beneath your feet!

One consideration that combines commonly overlook when preparing an outside wedding is the ground. If the ground is graveled, unequal, or wet grass (into which high heels can sink!), women will certainly have trouble strolling in their high heels. In consideration of your visitors, youthful and also old, consider whether the ground is quickly navigable in formal wear.

AND ALSO, if you’re establishing chairs on irregular ground or damp yard, you’ll have to look out for wobbly seats!


On a comparable note, you may need to consider renting out a dancing floor for an exterior wedding. Unequal ground, wet lawns, or gravelly, rough surface are difficult to dance on. Your buddies and relatives – specially the elderly ones – will certainly appreciate some attention to the dance flooring!

Instructions of the sunlight

If your outside wedding event will include a ceremony under the midday day sun; stating your promises in the late afternoon; or champagne salutes over speeches at sunset, believe for a moment regarding how the sunlight will beam on your guests. If visitors should look into the glare of the sun to attempt to construct out the new bride & groom’s shapes, you may would like to reconsider the timing or positioning of the various elements of your occasion.


Now here’s a subject that doesn’t springtime promptly to mind when you’re planning your enchanting outside wedding celebration in a beautiful organic setting … BUGS! Pesky mosquitoes afflict all too many summertime night wedding receptions; some parts of the world have an even worse time of it with black flies, wasps, as well as various other nasty critters.

So exactly what can you do to avoid a buggy invasion on your special day? Well, dotting a few citronella candle lights here and there can not hurt. Quietly positioning a bottle of insect repellent behind a the centerpiece on each table isn’t a bad idea, either! Another fantastic method to keep the bugs at bay for your outdoor wedding is to put a few followers purposefully at the boundary of your reception seating to blow those bugs away.

The unexpected

When you’re having an exterior wedding event, something you’ll most definitely need to anticipate is … the unexpected!

Unforeseen heat: Will your wedding celebration cake thaw in the noonday sun? Will your grandma get the warmth movement?

Unforeseen sound: Will a city ceremony, jet plane air program, traffic jam, or neighborhood video game of kickball develop unexpected noise at your event? Ask your neighbors to avoid using their fallen leave blowers throughout your event; think about dropping off event notifications around the neighborhood asking people to respect your occasion.

Unexpected bad weather condition: Exactly what will you do if the wind picks up and begins blowing every little thing away? Suppose an enormous thunder and lightning storm determines to roll in just as every person is taking a seat to supper?

When you have an exterior wedding event, you merely have to be a little bit much more ready compared to you would for an interior event. It could certainly deserve it! A gorgeous yard, a sandy coastline, the yard of a youth residence … all these outside wedding event areas can be purposeful, romantic, and stunningly attractive.

Certainly, one more terrific choice is to locate a wedding event venue that provides an exterior area – plus an indoor celebration area that can be used as your backup option. Some wedding event locations will certainly also establish camping tents as well as deal with all the exterior wedding specifics FOR you!